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Organisations suffer under the pressure of waste and bureaucracy. We develop full service solutions to break the mold.

As you can see, we spend time and effort on making our applications look as slick as possible. More important though is the manner in which we develop our solutions.

For this purpose we use a 6 step approach:

An approach that is rooted in Lean's DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Implement and Control) sequence, which is among the most powerfull solutions within the whole business improvement approach.


Based on our experience and client feedback we define a common business issue to investigate.


We create a full and measurable framework arround the process in it's current state as it is known to us.


By researching the issue we try to understand the impact the problem has on businesses and individuals.


We create a new, optimized process from which we remove all waste and needless bureaucracy.


This new process is then our base for the development of an online, multichannel application.


After release of the application we benchmark and work with clients to further improve and optimize.

What's this Lean all about ?

A brief journey into the world of Lean

Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.
This usually comes down to eliminating unnecessary actions from processes. An unnecessary action is one that does not add value to the product or service in the opinion of the customer.
Removing unnecessary actions from processes has other benefits as well: the process becomes less errorprone and, if done well, the clarity and goal driven approach is appreciated by staff.

Below you see the 7 original types of waste that were recognized within Lean. The 8th, waste of talent, is becoming more accepted and is often very much tied to bureaucracy and under-utilization of people. I therefore found it appropriate to add it:

With the basic principle of Lean in mind, we approach the development of our applications. Leaning up, or in our case, designing the ultimate, clean and wastefree process, is an important criterium in what we do.

In what way does this make us different from others ? Most companies will either sell you software or provide you with an online service that is filled with options, settings etc. that you will (or should) never use. An example is the 2nd approval function that you see in various packages. In the end this is basically an option that underlines that you don't trust your team making the right decision the first time.

We are here to help!

A new application can not solve a problem that is not yet defined.

Based on 16 years leadership experience at multiple international organizations, I am confident I understand well what issues are faced by first line and senior managers. This experience is therefore often my starting point for the development of the next solution.

However, I am also sure that I haven't seen every issue there is and I can fully understand that you might need some help deciding what the rootcauses of your challenges are. For this purpose, I have dedicated time in my schedule for consultancy projects to support you finding out what solutions you need:

More Information

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and in line with my business objectives, I focus on providing you with a process for improvement. I am not looking for a string of follow up arrangements, but instead focus on providing not only a solution for your current issue, but also a training program that will allow your team to manage new challenges by adapting the same process.



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