Applications - Our Philosopy

To some it might seem strange that one of our pillars, our starting points for creation so to say, is a philosophy regarding the services we develop. But to us, this is quite essential in many ways.

Before we create anything, we evaluate if the new service will have the bottom line impact that we envision. In other words, will this service help to unlock people's potential.
We ask ourselves if our service can and will reduce bureaucratic pressure on first line managers or if it can help unlock information to people that can help them become more effective and efficient.
Since almost everybody works, many in large, global corporations, others in small businesses all arround the globe, we also want our services to be easily accessible. This means that we aim at keeping our costs and fees so low, that a teamleader who really wants to take his team to the next level, is able to use our services to his/her advantage !

Why Us?

  • Lean Process Design
  • Low Implementation Costs
  • Competitive Usage Fee
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Free Add Ons
  • Free Full Service Model
  • Free Online Training

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Lean Process Design

A lean process is a clean process:
it assures only those things are done that are actually adding value for the organization or the customer. Control over the process is build in through reporting, not bureaucratic checks.
Our processes assure that your team feels the maximum liberty to drive your business and contribute to your customers success.

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Low Implementation Costs

One of the biggest barriers for organizations that are not happy with their current system pool and want to make adjustments, is the high price of updating existing the IT infrastructure.
Since all of our services are online and developed to run on a common mobile phone, we help you to increase your system flexibility as never before while simultanuously increasing your operational efficiency.

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Competitive Usage Fee

Our services are developed to support a pricing strategy that allows a first line manager of a team up to 25 people, to implement a service below 100 Euro per month.
This way, we feel, we allow any manager that wants to take his team to the next level, and that is willing to take real ownership of the happiness of his/her team, a way forward to achieve that goal.

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Continuous Improvement

One of the basic perimeters of Lean Six Sigma, is the realization that one constantly needs to improve it's products and or services if one wants to remain relevant for the customer. At elMetis, we keep working on improving our services, either by adding, removing or optimizing functionality, improving speed, reliability or security or through providing additional services and training to allow our customers to unlock their potential.

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Additional Benefits

Our additional benefits can be divided in 2 groups: free stuff and non-free-stuff (what we like to call "bling").
Free for our customers are: online training materials and manuals, access to our service model etc.
Bling is often related to our consultancy services and is billed as per agreement.

No Service Stands Alone....

To understand fully our approach to service design and development, it is key to see that no service is completely stand alone, though many can function well for your organization by them selves.

The above picture is a representation of the 13 applications that we want to bring to businesses and a rough plan of when we want to implement them. Going forward the different applications will be named and descriptions will be made available.

Your Wish Is Our Demand

Out there, in the real world of business, I have been often stunned by the way products and services are developed and brought to market. In good, inside-out thinking fashion, a group of developers (or even better... managers) sits in some meeting room and when they come out, they have the next big idea ! After the idea, if you are lucky, it is then tested through focus groups and surveys by the marketing department.

Even though we respect the self confidence of these companies, we like to do things slightly different. You can have a say in both our implementation schedule as well as in suggesting problems you currently face and would like us to think about a solution. Some would call this social entrepreneurship, we just call it common sense.
Just keep an eye on our homepage and you will regularly find surveys or you can simply drop us a line by contacting us directly:


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