Not Another Consultant ?!

On the internet, there are roughly 5.5 million pages (quick Google search) on the question: ,,Why people hate consultants". The answers ain't that difficult to see.... they come into your business and without developing that emotional connection you have with the organization tell you what you allready know, provide workable solutions that you refuted because at least one stakeholder is negatively impacted and they let you pay handsomely for the 60 slide powerpoint presentation that will give you a headache every time you try to watch it.
Deep inside you know, had my team played the issue at hand better, instead of wasting time playing each other, developing new layers of bureaucracy and stiffening control, we would not have been in this situation.

See.. consultancy isn't rocket science. For instance, you are here, reading this page on my consultancy services, nodding your head because you have either seen or heard of the above practices, which tells me a. you have an issue you need help with and b. your issue has to do with productivity, fullfilling customer demands slash requirements or getting a better understanding of your value stream map. What you are looking for is an independent and knowledgable coach, who can listen and can get the full team behind solving the issue.
The good news is... I can do that for you and for once, there is no bad news.

Why Me?

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Experience Matters
  • Proven Track Record
  • Make It Measurable
  • No After Work
  • Value For Money

L6S Green Belt

As a green belt I can help you run a full lean improvement project with your team.

Experience Matters

16 years of projects, from software roll outs to straightforward productivity programs.

Proven Track Record

Some call it play to win, others call it goal driven. Bottom line: I deliver.

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Measurable Results

A scorecard is more than a list of numbers: it's a roadmap to success.

No After Work

We believe that every good consultancy project has a beginning and an end.

Value for Money

Specified billable hours and clear price agreements up front.

When the playing field is defined, it is time to coach your team...

There are two ways to beat the game... either you buy the players and let them win it for you or you hire the coach that trains your own consistently winning team. elMetis offers both ways but prefers the second.
The most important reason for us to offer this opportunity is because we, as we have stated above, do not want to depend on after work. We want you and your team to become the best they can and then move on to another game, another challenge and another inspiration for us, as a company, to start the development of our online solutions.

Is this training or consulting ?

Actually it is both. A combination of a. me helping you understand your problem and assisting you and your team with providing a solution and b. me training your team to find solutions yourself in the future. This way YOU don't need to hire consultants over and over again, while also motivating your team by allowing them to gain more ownership over their part of the business.


You can either define your issue or we can collaborate on defining it.


We define a framework of KPI's and provide an insight in the current state.


We facilitate your team in finding the underlying root cause for the issue.


The team combines it's creative power to come up with solutions.


We support your organization with implemting the solutions.


After implementation we assure you have the KPI's to manage performance.

A proven system to success !

Lean 6 Sigma's DMAIC (or DMAGIC as we split the implementation fase to put a bigger emphasysis on the creative part of the process) is a proven and generally accepted system to resolve issues and improve the performance of any business.
Because it is data driven, it assures that after completion you have a measurable KPI to assess performance instead of relying on subjective feedback loops.

Want to know more ?

If you want to find out how we can help you to unlock your potential, just drop us a line and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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