About Us

Founded in 2016, elMetis is a very special start up. What makes it special to me, is that it is my start up. This is my contribution to business, my effort to help organizations and individual employees unlock their potential.

To unlock potential, one should remove barriers. Barriers that I have divided in two groups: Waste and Bureaucracy.
All I do with my company, on a day to day basis, is focus on ways to diminish these two drains on productivity, engagement and profit.
I do this by providing 2 branches of services: applications and business support.
Applications are web based tools that restructure secondary business processes.
Business Support provides consulting and training in the usage of our applications and the principles on which they were developed.

Our Why

Over the past 16 years I have had the honor and the pleasure to work for some of the greatest companies in the world: Medion, Paypal, Microsoft, Office Depot and Envigo RMS, to name some of them. Although all of them were great places to be, there were huge differences but also huge similarites that one wouldn't expect.

Naturally the people, the talent pool, was often very different. But at all of these places I met great, inspiring and motivated leaders, that wanted to drive the business forward, and also status quo defending pencillickers that were only protecting their own behind to sit out the next crisis. Process and systemwise it was pretty much the same thing. Some processes were totally lean, nothing in them did not add value for the customer, while others relied on controls on controls and as much sharing of ownership as was humanly possible... Kafka-esk was a word I regularly used to describe these situations.

With elMetis I want to change this. I want to provide you with beautifull, lean processes that do have control through measurement in them, but do not rely on 7 different autographs to get something done for the customer. Clean processes lead to more time for staff, more room for development and this way they help you unlock your full potential.

Why would I want to lean up my business

There are many reasons why you should lean up your business processes. I have asked within my network and these are the most common reasons I got from friends, colleagues and business leaders to why they think you should:

Not Convinced ?

I am happy to provide you with more insights and a first look at your situation. Just contact us and we'll get back to you.

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Increase Profit Margins 82%

More Time For People Development 88%

Better For The Customer 91%

More Insights In My Business 78%

Happier & More Engaged Staff 91%


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