Our Values

Founded in 2016, elMetis is a very special start up. What makes it special to me, is that it is my start up. This is my contribution to business, my effort to help organizations and individual employees unlock their potential.

My company not only allows me to work on the things that I find important, to make a change there where I feel I can make a difference, more importantly, it can do it in the way that I find the right one.
Everyone has values, embedded in him or her by his parents, upbringing, surroundings, culture. Good companies are no different: they have a distinct culture that embodies the most important things to them. Their culture is what defines them.
At elMetis I have 5 values that I feel defines what we are all about:

Customer Focus

All we do every day is focussed on helping customers do better.

elMetis' roots are in customer service, more than any other organizational department.
We have serviced customers, taking care of their orders, answering their queries and restoring confidence when things didn't go as expected.
We understand that every customer matters, that we need to be humble and approachable, that we are there and available when we are needed.
But most of all, we understand that we should do everything we can to meet the customer's expectations and create products and services that deliver what we promise.

Data Rules

We constantly challenge the church of "just know" by providing measurable results.

Too many times we have seen that data driven approaches are being hindered by fear.
Fear that by using numbers, people become numbers.
We not only provide trustworthy data to allow you to make the right business decisions - we also provide you with context to allow you to create an environment where the numbers become a road forward.

Develop Talent

Everyone has a talent. It is up to us to recognize it and bring it to flourish.

No person is without talent, but many people are without someone who helps them recognize and develop their talent.
We develop tools and services that allow organizations to recognize talent, to provide measurable nourishment and to allow people to flourish.
Within our own organization we make it a habit to deliver what we preach to the big wide world.

Allways Challenge

When it's worth fighting for, giving up is not an option.

We refuse to accept the status quo. Stasis lead to the fall of empires and companies, but more importantly to us, when you stop adapting, stop growing, stop developing, stop dreaming, you disengage your most talented assets. We WILL challenge as we challenge ourselves to keep thinking about what can be done better.

Value Communities

We realize that we are part of something bigger and that it is not just about us.

No man is an island and neither is a company. We have customers, partners, relationships, friends and opponents and we cherish them all. We also cherish the communities that we are part of, both off line and on line, and we dedicate effort into sharing our success with them, as they allowed us to become successful in the first place.


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